Polyethylene drums are not only economical and effective for multiple uses, they also have a high resistance to rust
and corrosion.  Poly drums are UN and FDA approved, and provide UV protection.  Made with high density
polyethylene (HDPE) as opposed to low density polyethylene (LDPE) these drums are designed to be used directly
with chemicals.

Lightweight and easy to handle, poly drums can be used with hazardous waste, solid materials, and food products.  
Like it's steel counterpart, the open top design is great for storage of dry goods, and closed top are ideal for a variety
of liquids.  Poly drums have two bung openings for pouring and venting, and are available in many sizes   ECC offers poly drums in sizes from 5 to 55

There are two styles of poly drums:  open head and closed head.  Open head models are available with a lever locking ring.  This alternative to the steel
drum is durable and can have an extended  lifespan.  Since poly durms are UN approved, they are a great choice for storing and transporting hazardous
materials (DOT Packing Group 2).

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