Most IBC manufactures provide collection programs that best fit their needs with complicated rules
that become a hassle to you, just to have your IBC totes returned for recycling.

We make it simple.
 Send us an e-mail or call your regional manager, and we will be glad to take
care of your needs.

We enjoy the opportunity to service your needs. We pride ourselves in providing our customers
with unsurpassed service, quality, and straight forward honesty.

You can be assured that your container is being recycled within the accordance of all federal,
state, and local laws. We also can provide a certificate of destruction if you want your IBC
destroyed instead of recycled. We recycle all components of each IBC that is processed at our
facility with the utmost respect to our environment. We know it is our responsibility to protect our
environment so we can help you and your company RECYCLE TODAY FOR TOMORROWS FUTURE.
To qualify IBC totes for return, container must be:

  • Completely EMPTY (Drip Dry)
  • Labels must be in place as if the tote was full of previous product.
  • Valves must be closed and all closures must be in place.
  • Minimum of 12 totes in LTL area and trailer loads in other areas (See IBC Return Program site map).
  • SDSs are required, and will be reviewed by ECC prior to approval of empty totes being picked up and sent to ECC facility.

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  • Totes MUST be empty prior to returning to Enterprize Container in accordance with 40 CFR 261.7
  • If a container holds an acutely hazardous material (P-Listed), IT must be triple rinsed with a solvent capable of removing the acutely
    hazardous material.
  • If an IBC tote contains a (regulated material), it must be DRIP DRY, and in the case of a viscous hazardous material, IBC may not have
    more than 0.3% (one gallon) of total capacity by weight of residue remaining.
  • Caps and labels must be in place and valves must be closed.


  • Cage is free of rust, bowing or broken welds or bolts,
       and maintaining its original shape.
  • Steel pallet must have all welds and bolts intact with no
       broken or bent corners. Wooden pallets must have no broken or missing boards.
  • Bottles must be free of punctures, cuts, cracks, heavy stains and all caps, gaskets, and bungs must be in place.
  • All valves must be closed and all labels must be in place.
  • Bottles and cages must not be spray painted, marked or covered with residue.

NOTE: All non-recyclable IBCs are subject to a $55.00 destruction fee.

NOTE: Empty IBC TOTE Bill Of Lading must be signed prior to shipment. (Provided by Enterprize Container)

NOTE: Any tote (Hazardous Material) not meeting the empty tote definition will be returned at shipper’s expense.

NOTE: Any tote (Non-Hazardous Material) is subject to a $25.00 per gallon disposal fee.
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