• Once a customer has inquired about our service, we collect information of the type, kind, and quantity of containers to be purchased or serviced.

  • We review SDSs to make certain that the previous product contained in the container is not something that we will have to refuse such as poison,
    pesticide and other P-Listed material outlined in 49 CFR.

  • Once ECC approves the containers to be received at our facility, we will arrange a pickup of the container via 3rd party freight company. (All insurance
    from vendors are on file).

  • An Enterprize Container Corp Bill Of Lading must be used in order to comply with DOT requirements of the empty containers being transported to our
    recycling facility and the empty drum certification is signed by an authorized individual at the customer's facility.

  • The containers will arrive at our facility and then be unloaded, graded, and staged for processing.

  • Once received and graded containers are sorted according to type, kind and size of container and they are starged according to the identified required

  • The containers are checked for excessive material.
  • If not RCRA empty, the container is set aside.  The customer is then contacted and advised that ECC must refuse that container which will be
    shipped back at the customer's expense.
  • Containers that are accepted by ECC are pulled and staged as per our production requirements.

  • Containers (5 gallon up to 330 gallon) are de-labeled to protect the customer’s identity, and all closures are removed.  The containers can now be loaded
    onto the wash line.
  • All containers go through a cleaning process of high pressure water baths.
  • All wash water is removed from the container by vacuuming,
  • and they are heat blown dry.

  • Each is inspected for quality and certification criteria.  Once they pass our strict quality and leakproofness testing, each container becomes eligible to be
    sold as a reconditioned container, or scrapped with other HDPE unusable material.
  • If the container is steel and deemed non-reconditionable, it will be sent to a local scrap processing facility.
  • If the container is HDPE plastic and non-reconditionable, it will be sent to a blow molder of end use to be made into a new product.
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